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Floratine Central Turf Products provides the most advanced diagnostic services and highest quality technologies available to Professional Turf Managers today. Our entire focus is to provide Turf Strength through Plant Health, which is achieved through the correct balance of the Physical, Nutritional and Biological elements all working together.  Strong plants are better able to withstand all forms of stress. When the correct balance is achieved, our Clients can frequently reduce the amount of other materials they typically utilize in their management plans.


It all starts in the soil!  ANALYNC Soil Testing, a proprietary soil evaluation system is provided to our team on an exclusive basis. ANALYNC provides us with one of the most accurate and comprehensive soil evaluation systems in the turf industry today. Using Analync, we partner with Professional Turf Managers to develop and implement proactive agronomic plans to meet their individual goals.

Our Team is extensively trained in soil science, nutrition and plant strength to provide our customers with the highest level of agronomic consultation and support.  We take a great deal of pride in what we do and realize that our recommendations directly impact the professional reputation and livelihood of our Clients.


Our Solutions
Phoenix Environmental Care

With ever increasing budget pressures and high expectations of our Golfers that demand smooth, true, yet healthy looking putting surfaces, Read more...

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