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Floratine - The Strongest TurfThe “Strongest Turf” results from the combined management of physical, biological and chemical factors that allows or limits the plant to reach its biological objective of mature protein production.  Floratine is based on a commitment to solid science, research, and creates an entire system and product range geared towards achieving optimal results in every situation.

Floratine's product line is divided among four general categories: Floratine Foliars™, soil solutions, biological solutions, and specialty solutions.  Floratine Foliars™ address plant strength, root development, stress tolerance, recovery, and linear growth. Products from the soil solutions group address soil structure and chemistry, nutrient content and balance, and moisture and oxygen management. Biological solutions strengthen the plant's stress resistance and recovery system and assist beneficial microbiology, while additional specialty products improve the efficacy of applications.

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com


Turf Action Plans (TAPs) are pre-engineered plans created to address specific agronomic events throughout the year. Each TAP consists of defined product selections targeted for turf response and superintendent satisfaction based on a known issue. The local Floratine distributor will work closely with you to adopt the TAP for your particular siutation.


    Rapidly Restoring Putting Surfaces
    Turf needs air, golfers hate aerification. Minimize the complaint period by rapidly restoring the true, consistent putting surfaces your customers want with a Floratine recovery plan.

    Boost Color Without Excessive Growth
    At various times throughout the season, fairway turf needs a boost in color without excessive growth. Carbon N and Largo deliver the key elements of color-enriching chlorophyll in a highly efficient and economical spray mix.

    Get Back to What Summer Tried to Take Away
    A long, hot summer can take its toll on your turf and your root mass. Try this easy to use TAP to ensure turf density, rooting, and recovery.

    Overcoming High Temperature and Humidity
    Mother nature can be cruel. High temperatures and humidity reduce the intake of carbon compounds and other essentials needed to sustain basic plant processes. A Floratine Turf Action Plan can provide the requirements for molecular strength to survive the stresses of summer.

    Unlock the Soil
    Almost all nutrients have an affinity for each other. Phosphorous is especially efficient in binding with calcium and micronutrients. Enhance the availability of nutrients by breaking the "tie that binds."

    Overcome Sluggish Growth
    The players are anxious and the grass isn't going. Start early, start strong with a Floratine's Turf Action Plan to overcome sluggish growth and weak color.

    Preparation For Added Stress
    From club championships to U.S. and British Opens, Floratine's Turf Action Plans can economically address the challenges to sustain aesthetics, consistency, and toughness throughout your tournament and for play

    Stay Ahead of the Game for Spring
    Winter Strength is necessary to get through the harsh realities of cold temperatures causing slow growth and dormancy. Floratine's Winter Strength Plan builds and stores carbohydrate reserves for continued strength until spring arrives.

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com



Advanced formulations to improve pesticide uptake and enhance spray effectiveness.

The Products

  • FP-747™
    Acidifier reduces pH of spray solutions, improving tank mix performance

  • Germinex Talc TG™
    Nutrient seed dressing maximizes germination, vigor and uniform stands

  • Pathfinder Blue™
    Biodegradeable blue spray marker in soluble powder packs

  • Pervade™
    Soil penetrant provides true water and oxygen movement

  • Pervade Pellets™
    Infiltration technology pellets provide effective dispersion, uniform distribution and reduced hydrophobicity for berms, undulating greens, roughs and sloping terrain

  • Raider TG™
    Encourages rapid nutrient uptake

  • Retain-Max Pellets™
    Wetting agent pellets with organic acids for effective treatment of dry spot

  • Retain Pro™
    Wetting agent for retention and uniform distribution of moisture at very low application rates

  • Trical Pellets™
    Ensures rapid availability of turf and soil available calcium

  • Pellet Applicator
    Pellet Pro applicator from Underhill for hose end applications

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com



Effective treatments address soil structure and chemistry, moisture and oxygen management, and nutrient content and balances.

The Products

  • Calphlex™
    Multi-cyclic chelate with 8% calcium for dynamic nutrient balance and soil flushing

  • Defense-Mag™
    Water-soluble magnesium source

  • Defense-Man™
    Water soluble manganese source

  • Maxiplex™
    20% humic acid promotes nutrient and moisture availability

  • Oxyflor™
    Stabilized soil oxygenation compound treats anaerobic soils and conditions like wet wilt

  • Quad K™
    Potassium-soluble powder maximizes available potassium in the soil

  • Trical 35-SP™
    One micron particle size calcium carbonate for immediate calcium availability

  • Turgor™
    Silica technology improves physical stress resistance

  • Evolution-SP™
    Replenishes soils with necessary amino acids, natural enzymes, vitamins and energy sources for the generation of CO2 and O2

  • Propel™
    Decreases nutrient tie-ups and promotes the movement of excess water through the soil

  • Thatch Buster™
    Enzymes and activators for thatch reduction

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com



Foliar nutrition promotes plant health, linear growth, prolific roots, and stress resistance and recovery.

The Products

  • Astron™
    Encourages root development and stress tolerance in cool season grasses

  • Floradox Pro™
    Strengthens turf's natural immune system

  • Knife Plus™
    Fortified iron nutrient for quick, long-lasting greening

  • Largo™
    Formulated for fairways and tees at higher mowing heights

  • P-48™
    Broad-based, extremely water soluble phosphate formulation

  • Per "4" Max™
    Encourages density and prolific rooting, especially in warm-season grasses

  • Perk-Up™
    Complex calcium formula for use against heat stress

  • Phlex-Mag™
    Balances magnesium deficiencies within the plant

  • Phlex-Man™
    Balances manganese deficiencies within the plant

  • PK-Fight™
    Stabilized phosphite with cardon power for superior uptake and utilization

  • ProteSyn™
    Natural photosynthesis application rich in amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates

  • Renaissance™
    Balanced formulation ensures availability of critical micronutrients

  • Power 23-0-0 + Mo
    Creates consistent growth from a balance of nitrogen and carbon for cool-season grasses

  • Power 0-0-22
    Low-salt, non-burning potassium source ensures proper cell function with strategic magnesium for chlorophyll formation

  • Power 0-22-28
    Potassium for proper cell function and phosphate for energy

  • Power 4-4-16
    Utilizes Power Plant™ technologies for increased performance

  • Power 12-0-12
    For use on intensively managed turfgrass to maintain turf quality

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com



Organic, naturally occurring products promote photosynthetic efficiency, beneficial microbial activity, acquired systemic resistance and nutrient and organic cycling.

The Products

  • Blackout™
    Beneficial fungi and enzymes for nutrient cycling and mycorrhizal health

  • Grofax 33™
    Concentrated blend of nutrients, enzymes and metabolites for soil microorganism health

  • Terrabact™
    Beneficial microbes for soil inoculation and nutrient conversion in high-sand soil profiles

  • Thatch Buster™
    Enzymes and activators for thatch reduction

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit www.floratine.com

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